11 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 11, 2011

I didn't post anything for a few days.  Frankly, I was not seeing much interesting for a few days.

But God--I most certainly listened to the same podcast that Erik Raymond listened to.  For me, understanding the notion of "but God" language in the Bible was a significant insight.  The Bible consistently shares a message that points to our depravity and then says, "but God" did something on our behalf.  Many of us think of the Bible as a "me and God" type of relationship.  "I did this and God did that."  So, are you a "but God or an "and God" Christian?  Read about it here

Our Own Buts--I have been increasingly edified by the writings of Tullian Tchvidjian.  Here he reviews Dane Ortlund's new book Defiant Grace (it will be on my wish list shortly). These men blow the doors off of legalism by proclaiming a radical grace.  We all need to hear this lesson daily!  

Kids and Pornography--If you have middle schoolers, there is a pretty good chance they have seen pornography and may be checking it regularly.  Here are some thoughts from Walt Muller.  (HT: Z)

DeYoung hits 1000--Kevin DeYoung hits 1000 posts today.  Most of his are worth reading.  Check out his top ten for wisdom.  

Theistic Evolution and the Bible--I do not believe that theistic evolution with biblical evidence.  Here are some thoughts from John Bloom about the issues. 

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