25 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 25, 2011

The Halloween links have started to show up.  I'll share a few, because I think they are worth reading.

Challies' Halloween Theory--Tim Challies has shared some wise counsel on the twin roles of sexuality and immaturity in adults around the time of Halloween.  He writes, "It’s fascinating to me—and more than a little repulsive—that on Halloween you can walk into a legitimate, professional workplace—a bank or real estate office where millions of dollars change hands every day—and find women dressed in ill-fitting, sexy costumes. You can find men dressed like skeletons or superheroes. Just for one day we can all act in ways that any other days would get us fired (or institutionalized)."

Moore on Halloween "Judgment" Houses--Russell Moore writes about the trend toward "judgment houses".  I think he has a lot to say that we should listen to.  His first point was that, "[Judgment Houses] are not scary enough. To speak of hell, Jesus used the imagery of a garbage dump overun with worms, a place where babies were once sacrified to demons (Mark 9:43-48). Teenagers in plastic red devil masks and styrofoam pitchforks usually don’t convey what it means to “fall into the hands of the living God” (Heb 10:31). The answer isn’t better technology, though, since nothing we could conjure up can convey the anguish of the damned walled off from relationship with God."

Can Halloween be a Mission Field?--Michael Patton again shares his annual Halloween post on how Christians should be cautious to not hide out on Halloween.  He suggests that we should keep the lights on and give out the best candy in the neighborhood. 

Are you an Issue Christian?--Ed Stetzer writes about issue Christians. You know the ones. Those who are much more committed to their view of the rapture, or prophecy,or whatever. Stetzer offers some important cautions here.  He writes, "we should always provide guidance, but we should not always provide a platform. "Issue Christians" want a platform with you and your church because they are passionate about an issue--don't let that distract you or your church from being and doing all that God has in store. Move on... and move them on."

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