29 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 29, 2011

Do Paul and James contradict one another?--This question comes up a lot from believers and non-believers alike.  Apparently, this is not a new question either.  I was reading Calvin's Institutes this morning and in Book Third, Chapter 17, he addresses the apparent contradictions.  John Piper also has a short article examining the apparent contradictions. 

What Sola Scriptura does not mean?--Michael Patton has thoughts on the doctrine of Sola Scriptura.

Fear verses grace--Is your parenting more governed by fear or grace?  "Legalistic parents maintain a relationship with God through obedience to a standard. The goal of this when it comes to their children is to keep sin from getting into their home. They do their best to create an environment that controls as many of the avenues as possible that sin could use to work its way into the inner sanctum. . . . It’s as though the power to sin or not to sin was somehow connected to their personal will power and resolve. . . . These families are preoccupied with keeping sin out by putting a fence between them and the world.  The difference with grace-based families is that they don’t bother spending much time putting fences up because they know full well that sin is already present and accounted for inside their family."

Banner Ads--Did you know that your Internet ads are often picked just for you?  You may notice that when you search for a new car, all of the sudden, your banner ads start to show advertisements for auto loans.  On my facebook page, most of my ads have to do with mental health counseling.  Google, and the rest of the Internet, knows a lot about you and about what you are looking for.  Erik Raymond suggests that looking at what pops up can help to identify your functional saviors.  

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