30 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 30, 2011

Happy Reformation Sunday.  Today, take some time to peruse the links that I mentioned yesterday, or just enjoy this glorious Lord's day. 

Home Church-Russell Moore shares his fond memories of his childhood church.  He writes, "Sometimes we tend to think of 'church' generically as a synonym for Christians, some invisible blob of everyone who believes the same facts about Jesus or who follows the same principles from the first century. Yes, the church is the transnational, transgenerational Body of Christ, the redeemed of all of the ages. But the church expresses itself in this age in local, palpable gatherings of believers in covenant with one another." Connect with a local church where the Gospel is preached and commit to them.  There will be good times and bad, but if they teach people to love Jesus more deeply, the effects will last through many generations and will hold a special place in your heart.  

The Counter-intuitive Nature of Grace--Tullian Tchvidjian writes again about the absolutely radical nature of grace.  He writes, "Normally when we think of people in need of God’s rescuing grace, we think of the unrighteous and the immoral. But what’s fascinating to me is that throughout the Bible, it’s the immoral person that gets the Gospel before the moral person; it’s the prostitute who gets grace; it’s the Pharisee who doesn’t. What we see in this story is that God’s grace wrecks and then rescues, not only the promiscuous but the pious. The Pharisee in this story can’t understand what Jesus is doing by allowing this woman to touch him because he assumes that God is for the clean and competent. But Jesus here shows him that God is for the unclean and incompetent and that when measured against God’s perfect holiness we’re all unclean and incompetent. Jesus shows him that the gospel isn’t for winners, but losers: it’s for the weak and messed up person, not the strong and mighty person. It’s not for the well-behaved, but the dead."  Please read the whole thing

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