05 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 5, 2011

I am not a marathoner from Texas-Did you ever Google your own name?  If your name is Bob Smith, it probably will not be a very exciting search, but if you have a less common name, you can find out a lot about yourself and your online persona as well as others who share your name.  There is another person with my name who runs marathons and writes in chemistry journals (not sure if it is the same guy).  I found this story from Randy Alcorn about name confusion amusing.

Biblical Masculinity-As I began to read this article from the Cripplegate, one of my favorite blogs, I was worried they were going to equate biblical masculinity with being tough--killing animals, fighting, eating bacon.  By the end of the article, though, they drove home the point I was hoping they would reach.  Biblical masculinity is not about being physically tough, or is it about being effeminate.  "To be a Christian man is to be a servant. If you look to Jesus and his cross (Ephesians 5) as the template of masculinity, you will not come away with bravado, but humility. You will not be self-assertive, but self-sacrificing. Regardless of whether you can rebuild a V8, or can’t change your own oil, Christian manhood is endowed with strength which far surpasses our romanticized visions. It is quiet, humble, self-sacrificing, tender and self-restrained. It bears a likeness to our humble Lord washing the feet of sinners for whom he was sent to die."

Rules of Engagement-Tim Keller shared three important rules for polemical engagement.   1. Carson's Rule: You don't have to follow Matthew 18 before publishing polemics.  2.  Murray's Rule: You must take full responsibility for even unwitting misrepresentation of someone's views.  3. Alexander's Rule: Never attribute an opinion to your opponent that he himself does not own.

Reading Christians-I love to read.  I think it is one of God's greatest blessings to me that I have been granted the ability to read.  I treasure the written word.  This interview about reading, as Christians, is worth...well...reading.  

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