07 October 2011

Daily Morsels-October 7, 2011

A Tale of Two Steves-Mark Altrogge at the Blazing Center reflects upon the death of Steve Jobs, whose death has been pondered by millions in the last two days.  He wrote, "But yesterday I couldn't help but think of how many 'unknown' Christians died the same way Steve Jobs did." It is easy for us to "mourn" the death of cultural icons like Steve Jobs, but we must not lose the perspective that all die and that eternity matters. 

Not for a Thousand Worlds-I just read again this morning the advice from Charles Spurgeon to a woman struggling with assurance.  I cannot read this short passage without tears.  Spurgeon seemed to truly understand gospel hope.  He wrote, "Our Lord often makes it calm and peaceful, or even joyous and triumphant, for His departing timid ones. He puts some of His greatest saints to bed in the dark, and they wake up in the eternal light; but He frequently keeps the candle burning for Mr. Little-faith, Mr. Feeble-mind, Mr. Ready-to-halt, Mr. Despondency, and Miss Much-afraid. They go to sleep in the light, and they also wake up in the land where the Lamb is all the glory for ever and ever."

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