16 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 16, 2011

Three Questions to Ask when Reading the Bible--
The first question we must ask of every biblical text is simply this—what does it tell us about God? What does it say about who he is and about what he does?
The second question is: what does this text say about us human beings? What are we meant to be and what has gone wrong?
The third and final question is: what has God done about this and what does he expect of us in the light of what he has done?
A Judeo-Christian America--John Mark Reynolds writes an interesting essay on why America is Judeo-Christian and not Islamo-Judeo-Christian or Secular-Judeo-Christian. There is definitely meat to chew on here for believers and nonbelievers alike.

Eight points of encouragement for those who are doubting their faith--Whether you completely agree with these thoughts or not, these points by Michael Patton are worth considering and thinking about.
  1. Focus only on the issues that make or break Christianity
  2. Doubt your doubts
  3. Make sure you don't lose fellowship with other believers
  4. Realize that the presence of other possibilities does not equate to the presence of other probabilities.
  5. Don't think you can ever be an expert in everything
  6. Be careful not to make individual emotional preference a decisive benchmark of truth
  7. Don't stop living out your devotion to Christ
  8. Realize that doubt is not a bad thing
Two online magazines you should be reading--The first, Themelios, is actually more of a journal. Credo just came out and is also really good so far.

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