17 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 17, 2011

Does Calvinism make God a Moral Monster?--This short article by Michael Horton, one of my favorite authors, was pure brilliance. This paragraph alone was exceptional: "Hyper-Calvinists and hyper-Arminians share the same impatience with mystery. Neither position bows reverently before God’s revelation, acknowledging its clear affirmations of divine sovereignty and human responsibility without answering all of our philosophical questions. Contradictions are abhorrent to the faith, but every important docrine in Scripture is shrouded in mystery. Hyper-Calvinism and hyper-Arminianism are willing even to set Scripture against Scripture, rejecting some clear teachings in favor of others, for the sake of rational satisfaction. Yet both, in different ways, represent deadly errors—indeed, blasphemies—against the character of God."  Please read the whole thing.

Using Your Circumstances to Rescue You--Serena Woods is an amazing writer.  She is truly gifted. She has a beautiful essay about God's sovereignty. "I am trying to get you to see that you cannot look at your circumstances, at the people who wrong you, or at your own failures and think that this is all there is. This is a moment in a lifetime of moments. In all of it, there is never a point where things get out of God’s hands. He’s God. Nobody wins against Him.  He’s not going to rescue you out of your circumstances. He’s using your circumstances to rescue you."

William Cowper's Depression--William Cowper, a committed Christian, struggled with deep despair for much of his life. Here are some exceptions from his letters. 

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