18 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 18, 2011

True biblical decision making--Yesterday, the newest issue of Solid Ground, the newsletter from Greg Koukl and Stand to Reason, showed up in my inbox (subscribe to read it. It's free). He addressed the issue of discerning the voice of God. Although there are disparate views on this issue, he seems to have thought through it more than most. Koukl has concerns that the encouragement to hear the voice of God, as it is traditionally taught and explained, finds little biblical grounding in the normative Christian life. Another great resource in this area is the book Just Do Something, by Kevin DeYoung.

Why we love C.S. Lewis--Michael Patton writes, "he had some non-'evangelical' leanings. Besides not believing in inerrancy, he also believed in the theory of evolution, denied substitutionary atonement in favor of a 'ransom to Satan' view, bordered on a Pelagian idea of human freedom, seemed to advocate baptismal regeneration, and regularly prayed for the dead. To top it all off, he held out hope for the destiny of the unevangelized, believing that Christ might save them outside of direct knowledge of him (inclusivism). With all of these foibles, I seriously doubt any evangelical church would take a second look at his resume were he to apply at their church. In fact, this list alone would be enough for many to call him a heretic. However, we still love him. We still read him. We still defend him. We still hand out his books by the dozens to friends and family who are struggling with their faith. This man who had his Christianity affirmed by Dr. Bob Jones but questioned by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, is beloved by just about everyone and is off-limits for serious criticism. Why?"

God gives more than you can handle--Micahel Kelley addresses the common statement "God will never give you more than you can handle." That statement is not biblically supported. I wrote about this same issue 2 years ago, right after Heather was diagnosed with cancer.

Discipleship requires relationship--Travis Else, a friend from college, hasn't been blogging all that long, but he writes wonderfully and thoughtfully. Most recently, he wrote about the importance of relationship in discipleship. He writes, "That is the call of the church: Find, love, lead to Christ that they too may find, love, and lead others to Christ. The beginning and the end, the way and the means, the aim and the fulfillment is Jesus Christ." Well said.

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