21 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 21, 2011

Slacking on Family Devotions--Clint Archer shares many of my feelings about family devotions. I have long felt like a slacker for being inconsistent about leading my family in devotions, though for the time being, doing them before I go to work seems to be the ticket. We read from the book Long Story Short and pray together.

Archer writes, "Devo’s were getting drowned in a swirling flood of diaper-change > bath > PJs > spaghetti-dinner > bath-again > clean PJs > bedtime-milk > spill > more clean PJs > drive-by prayers with summarized Samson stories as daddy rushes out to teach a 'real Bile study' to his 'other flock.' Why? Because I’m a slacker. My spineless lack of discipline was the only problem."  Dad's, man up, you were called to this!

Real Love Multiplies-John Mark Reynolds writes a thought provoking essay on the importance of being together with the one you love. "Lovers would never be content with a virtual relationship. You must meet or you will miss the beloved. Sadly, merely being next to each other is not enough for real love. I cannot gain wisdom by sitting next to my friend. Proximity can breed distance if it leads to taking the beloved for granted. How can this be? I can remain just as trapped in my own thoughts, paying no attention to Hope, next to her as much as if we are far apart. I can fail to look at her even if my eyes are pointed in her direction, if my mind is elsewhere."

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