23 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 23, 2011

8 reasons single guys should work in the church nursery--Good stuff here from Mark Driscoll.  Here was my favorite of the eight. It helps you learn how to be a good father. Some guys are afraid, repelled, or ignorant of kids. Get over your fears and prejudices by hanging out with someone else's kids a few hours a week, and learn how to interact with kids well.

What Wilson learned from Lewis--C.S. Lewis was a gift to literature and a gift to reasonable Christian faith. Jared Wilson shares the things that Lewis has taught him.

ESVs on Sale--WTS books has all ESV Bibles on sale--45% off. If you don't have a Bible, may I encourage you to head over to WTS and buy one of these (I prefer the ESV Study Bible--if you want to get me one, here is the link to the one in calfskin leather).

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