26 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 26, 2011

Advent starts on Sunday-My friend Rick Brannan put together a series of advent readings for his church a few years ago. "The Advent season is simply a time of reflecting on Christ's coming. Originally, Israel longed for and was awaiting the Messiah ... and so, in the fullness of time, Jesus Christ was born. We also long for and await the return of our Savior ... and this anticipation is captured in the Advent season." If you have had some trouble doing family devotions, this may be a great way to start.

Growing into definite convictions-Trevin Wax shares a quote from GK Chesterton about dogma. Chesterton writes, "The vice of the modern notion of mental progress is that it is always something concerned with the breaking of bonds, the effacing of boundaries, the casting away of dogmas. But if there be such a thing as mental growth, it must mean the growth into more and more definite convictions, into more and more dogmas." Read the rest here.

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