29 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 29, 2011

Unapologetically Theological--Kevin DeYoung (along with Tim Challies and Tullian Tchvidjian) is one of my favorite 3 young Christian leaders. He wrote an excellent essay today sharing six reasons for the importance of theology for the church. Here is one of the reasons: "Theological categories enable us to more fully and more deeply rejoice in God’s glory.  Simple truths are wonderful.  It is good for us to sing simple songs like “God is good. All the time!”  If you sing that in sincere faith, the Lord is very pleased.  But he is also pleased when we can sing and pray about how exactly he has been good to us in the plan of salvation and in the scope of salvation history. He is pleased when we can glory in the completed work of Christ, and rest in his all-encompassing providence, and marvel at his infinity and aseity, when we can delight in his holiness and mediate on his three-ness and one-ness and stand in awe at his omniscience and omnipotence.  These theological categories are not meant to give us bigger heads, but bigger hearts that worship deeper and higher because of what we’ve seen in God."

Carl Trueman on John Stott--I am including this primarily because it is well written and persuasive. Trueman shows wisdom when he suggests a more balanced approach to eulogizing our heroes. He writes, "The death of John Stott has led to a veritable flood of accolades and uncritical adulation over the last few months. A recent example was the memorial service for him at Wheaton College which raised a number of questions in my mind. One was the issue of what Stott himself would have thought of it. I never met him but he seems to have been a modest and unassuming man by all accounts; it was thus probably a relief to him not to have to be there and listen to the hyperbolic claims being made for him and his ministry by others.  We can presumably assume that one who did not live for the praise of men during his lifetime is probably not too bothered about it afterwards either."

A Slight Change in Wording--Denny Burk a telling, unfortunate way in which doctors may change their wording when faced with a prenatal problem.   

My wife is five months pregnant.  Last month we went for an ultrasound to see the baby and have the doctors check to make sure everything was progressing nicely.  We had done this three times before and were excited.  As we met with the doctor and ultrasound technician they referred to what they saw as “your child.”  They must have said it 50x during the ultrasound as they referred to “your child’s hand,” “your child’s heart,” etc.

But then something changed.  

Another doctor was brought into the room and for 5 minutes he stared at the baby’s heart.  The room was completely silent.  He then began to tell us that there was a tumor on our child’s heart and started to run down all the scenarios we were now faced with.  Then the doctor said to us: “If the fetus is abnormal and that is management problem for you, you have the option to terminate your fetus.”  The slight change in wording tells the story.

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