03 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 3, 2011

A bit late in coming, but alas, here it is.

More Grandpa; Less Captain Jack--It seems like this has been a recurrent, painful theme in the past few years.  Men are disappearing from the church.  The ones that are there are often too busy with other activities to care much about being real men.  I almost hate to post this, but I feel the need to because we need more men.   DeYoung writes, "Men, you don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to climb corporate ladders. You don’t have to fix cars and grow a beard. But it’s time to take a little initiative–in the church, with your career, and with women. Stop circling around and start going somewhere. It’s probably a good idea to be more like your grandpa and less like Captain Jack Sparrow. Even less like Peter Pan. Show some godly ambition. Take some risks. Stop looking for play dates and–unless God is calling you to greater service through singleness–start looking for a wife."

Jesus was a Communist?--There have been numerous suggestions recently that Jesus would have been a socialist. Apparently, Matthew Modine has a short movie coming out entitled "Jesus was a Commie."  Really?  Terrell Clemmons shares some useful insight into this issue and this short film.  What I found particularly telling was who the advocates of the socialist Jesus, cited by Clemmons, are:  a liberal actor (Matthew Modine), a liberal talk show host who has been vitriolic toward Christianity (Bill Maher), and a theology professor who no longer believes in Christ (Bart Ehrman).  (HT: Z). 

Get Religion Follow-up:  If you read the Get Religion piece I posted yesterday, Mollie has a great follow up today.  Good stuff. 

2 Ways for Dealing with Sin:  Erik Raymond shares his insights on 2 ways for dealing with sin: devotions and mortification. 


Anonymous said...

The article, Dude, Where's Your Bride? does not adequately describe the nature "of why there are no men in the church." nor does it describe "why there are so many worthy, seeking women in the church."

Anonymous said...

*why there are so many worthy, *-single-*, seeking women in the church."

J Kanz said...

Do you have thoughts on this?