30 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 30, 2011

Too young for a cell phone--Apparently, the average age for a child to get a cell phone is 11 according to one study and 9 according to another. Kids don't need cell phones that young, in my opinion. Al Mohler comments upon this trend with his typical wisdom.

Don't take the Christ out of Christmas--I know, I know. Many of you probably assume that I mean that we should not replace "Christ" with "X" in Christmas, but that is not what I hope to convey. I agree with Jared Wilson (and Burk Parsons whom he linked to) that as Christians, we must be careful that what we say to people is gracious and kind. Wilson writes, "Boycotting or petitioning to make store salespeople confess Christ to us does nothing to truly honor Jesus. It just puts our preferred religious gauze on what is very often (though not always) moralistic or consumeristic idolatry. It might make us feel better but it does not truly adorn Christ's gospel." Rather than telling people how sinful it is to replace Christ's name with an "X" (technically, it is the Greek letter "chi" which has been used for centuries to represent Christ, not an X) love them with the love of Christ. 

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