06 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 6, 2011

It is Done--Tullian Tchvidjian writes about how many modern preachers focus on a "to do" list rather than reminding believers what has been done.  He writes, "Preachers these days are expected to major in “Christian moral renovation.” They are expected to provide a practical 'to-do' list, rather than announce, 'It is finished.' They are expected to do something other than–more than–lift up before their congregations eyes Christ’s finished work, preaching a full absolution solely on the basis of the complete righteousness of Another. To be  sure, preachers need to “load their guns with the best powder when aiming at unrepentance”, but far too often a preacher’s final word to Christians is law and not Gospel. To finish a sermon asking 'What would Jesus do?' instead of announcing 'This is what Jesus has done!' is to betray the final word God speaks over Christians."

What Not to Say to Single Women--Advice following up on a recent Kevin DeYoung post. 

Think Like a Calvinist, Preach Like a Calvinist--There is a common misperception that Calvinists lack urgency in their preaching.  Some probably do, though I suspect the same can be said for many non-Calvinists as well.  McKiddie writes, "But to pray for someone to be saved is thoroughly Calvinistic. Why? Every prayer for God to save someone is at least an implicit confession that they can't respond to the gospel in their own power, whether or not we explicitly acknowledge this to be the case. When you pray for God to save someone, you say, 'God, you must do the work to save this person, because otherwise, they won't turn to you.'"

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