09 November 2011

Daily Morsels-November 9, 2011

Horton and Smith on Catholicism--On the way home yesterday, I listened to a conversation between sociologist Christian Smith and theologian Michael Horton on the White Horse Inn. Smith has written a book about his conversion from evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism. This conversation with a champion of the reformation is well worth a listen. Though they clearly disagree, the conversation is a respectful one.

The Richard Dawkins-William Lane Craig (un)debate--Richard Dawkins, author of the God Delusion, was invited to debate the world-reknowned apologist Craig. Dawkins was given until the last minute to show up. He didn't, so Craig lectured to a packed house. 

Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street--Good thoughts here from Frank Turk that should challenge all of us.  "That's right: the problem is not that 'they' are greedy - whoever 'they' are (the bankers, the capitalists, the stock traders, but apparently not the movie moguls, the actors, the politicians and pop stars) -- but that we are greedy.  We want things we didn't earn, and we can't imagine that we might have to live on less than we think we are entitled to.  We certainly couldn't live on what the average Englishman lived on in1800, and may God forbid we have to live on what the average Russian or South African lives on today.  There was a time when we would say it isn't 'fair', but today we say it's actually an injustice -- as if 'justice' has anything to do with us getting something we didn't actually earn.

Backsliding--I was talking with our pastors yesterday about perseverance of the saints and backsliding. This is a good article on that issue.

The Columbo Tactic--Learn this if you want to be more effective in discussing your convictions.

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