01 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 1, 2011

A Righteousness Not Our Own--More Christians should read Tullian Tchvidjian. Most of us don't get grace very well. We all tend to ask, "what do I need to do now?"  Tchvidjian writes, "The reason this is so important is because many Christians think God cares only that we obey. In fact, many believe that it is even more honorable–and therefore more righteous–when we obey God against all desire to obey him. Where did we get the idea that if we do what God tells us to do even though “our hearts are far from Him”, that it’s something to be proud of, something admirable, something praiseworthy, something righteous? Don’t get me wrong, we should obey even when we don’t feel like it (I expect my children, for instance, to clean their rooms and respect their mother and me even when they don’t feel like it). But let’s not make the common mistake of proudly equating that with the righteousness that God requires."

Translation Cage Match--Interesting discussion here regarding different versions of the Bible and translation philosophy. The discussion includes Wayne Grudem representing the ESV, Doug Moo representing the NIV, and Ray Clendenen representing the HCSB--all capable biblical scholars. I prefer the ESV, which leans toward the formal equivalence side of things. I want my Bible to flow, but I also want it to not deviate far from the original Greek. What do you use and why?

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