13 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 13, 2011

A daughter's hero dies--Paul Tautges shares this excellent anonymous essay. It is the story of a young girl who discovers her father's use of pornography and how deeply it affected her view of him. His use wasn't innocent. It wasn't personal. It deeply affected his family. She writes, "But I long for the days when Daddy was my hero, when I saw him as the protector, provider, and lover of his family. So I write this to you, dads, to dare to be a hero in your child’s eyes. Fight against the feeling that says “you’re not hurting anyone,” because you are. You are supposed to be an example of bravery and manhood for your daughter to observe. It is important for you to know that when your daughters see you give in to the fleeting pleasures of lust they begin to lose their trust in a man’s ability to be the leader of his family. When this happens the family structure ordained by God begins to reflect a tyranny in their eyes. Your daughters need to know that it is possible for a man’s primary motivation to be his love for God and his family rather than the lusts of his flesh. Do not think that they will never find out about what you do in private because they will. They have lived with you their entire lives. They know who you are." MEN, PLEASE READ THIS!

Bad statistics and single Christians having sex--Kevin DeYoung highlights the tendency to believe bad statistics without careful reflection. The study he is discussing apparently demonstrates that 80% of single evangelicals are having sexual relations and are no different than majority culture. He writes, "Here’s the bottom line: don’t believe every stat you read. They are sometimes false and often kind of true, but the real shocking figures are rarely quite as much as meets the eye." For what it is worth, I think we need to be careful to scrutinize those statistics that appear to support our particular points of view as well.

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