14 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 14, 2011

Are faith and reason in conflict?--Greg Koukl demonstrates again that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. The idea that they are is called fideism--holding to a belief blindly often in the face of controverting evidence. Koukl writes, "The opposite of faith is not reason; the opposite of faith is unbelief, or lack of trust. The opposite of reason is not faith; the opposite of reason is irrationality. So it certainly is possible to have reasonable faith, and it is also possible to have unreasonable unbelief."

3650 Challenge--Tim Challies is considering starting up a 3650 challenge, which would be a reading challenge based upon Grant Horner's Bible reading system. For what it is worth, there are 1189 chapters in the Bible.

Who was John Bunyan?--The Resurgence has a great essay on the puritan John Bunyan. To my mind, Bunyan was compelling in his writing and in his life. I long for his dedication that says, "if you should let me out today, I should preach tomorrow" as he shared from his jail cell.  If you haven't yet, you should also read the Pilgrim's Progress.

Are you an exegete or an eisegete?--Many people approach God's word with a preconceived view of the world and of God rather than going to scripture to find out what it says and live accordingly.  An example is people who read the Bible and say, "but God can't be that way (e.g., sovereign over all)" and so adjust their interpretation. Allow yourself to be transformed by the word, rather than transforming the word.

Does reading the Bible change your life--I loved this article from Trevin Wax. I found it challenging and convicting and I think it relates to the article above.  For example, he writes, "And then there’s the common type of Bible study that begins with us at the center and brings God into our world to address our already-defined needs and problems. We look at the Bible as a book of divine instruction, a manual for succeeding in life, or a map for making sure we get to heaven when we die."

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