22 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 22, 2011

Theology gone bad--Michael Patton hits the nail right on the head here. Theology, in the wrong hands, can be a dangerous weapon and does nothing to advance the Gospel.  I was just reflecting on a so-called "discernment" ministry yesterday and it just made me said. Yes, love theology, but do so with humility and an open hand.

I want to go with you--As we approach Christmas, when we celebrate the incarnation--God in the flesh--this story from Serena Woods is an excellent reflection upon the humanity of our Savior.

Hypocrisy in sexual mores--Walt Mueller discusses the evident hypocrisy in our culture regarding childhood and sexuality. Mueller writes, "The A&F ad should make us think. Kids of all ages paraded through that store the other day. Some were with their parents. Some weren't. Who knows how many glanced at that photo. It's become so common that few, if any (I'm guessing) even stopped to stare. Did anybody even care? But what would have happened if - let's say - a man my age was sitting alone on a bench in the mall just a few feet from the entrance to the A&F store. . . and that man was holding a small copy of that photo in his hand. . . and that man was calling children and teenagers over to the bench to take a peek at his photo? See what I mean?" 

Abortion and feminism--Denny Burk points to an article by Frederica Mathewes-Green about the link between abortion and feminism.  She writes, "these two bad ideas come together, pressing in like the jaws of a vise, and making a woman feel she has no escape but abortion. Feminism sought (1) increased access to public life, and (2) increased sexual freedom. But that participation in public life is significantly complicated by responsibility for children, and uncommitted sexual activity is the most effective means of producing unwanted pregnancies. This dilemma—simultaneous pursuit of behaviors that cause children and that are hampered by children—inevitably finds its resolution on an abortion table."

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