23 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 23, 2011

You are unexpected, awesome, delightful--John Mark Reynolds chose to publicly share this beautiful letter to his wife.  Husbands, read this and be moved and motivated to love your wives better and more deeply.

"As I write this, you are teaching our youngest Algebra at the dining room table. The Advent wreath you made is at the center of that table and we had the banana bread you baked for breakfast.

"You are beautiful.

"I know that sometimes you feel your job, being a mother and a teacher, consumes everybody’s ideas about you. We reduce you to your role and even though it is a job you freely chose, nobody should be made a cog in a machine, even if she built the machine."

Self-righteous snobbery--RC Sproul shares an excerpt from his recently released commentary on the book of Mark.  "When the scribes and Pharisees called people 'sinners,' they were thinking of the rank-and-file Jews who were not committed to in-depth study of the things of God, especially the law of God. These people went the way of the culture and followed the customs of the day rather than the details of the law. The Pharisees were just the opposite. The word Pharisee is derived from a Hebrew word meaning 'separated one,' for the Pharisees were strongly committed to keeping the law of God, and they believed that salvation came from distancing themselves from anyone who was morally loose. So it was important for them, in order to maintain their holiness and their sanctity, to have no dealings with people whom they regarded as sinners.
There are Christians like that, who actually believe that there is some sanctity in avoiding any contact with unbelievers or pagans"  How much do you separate yourself from non-believers?  

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