27 December 2011

Daily Morsels--December 27, 2011

We are fragile, but he is not--John Piper has great advice for those times you are feeling fragile as a Christian. He opens, "There are mornings when I wake up feeling fragile. Vulnerable. It’s often vague. No single threat. No one weakness. Just an amorphous sense that something is going to go wrong and I will be responsible. It’s usually after a lot of criticism. Lots of expectations that have deadlines and that seem too big and too many." His antidote, "Cry out to him. Then ransack the Bible for his appointed promise. We are fragile. But he is not."

5 kinds of books to read--The Discerning Reader has a list of 5 types of books to read now that Christmas has passed. If you are like me, you tend to read in one, or two, of these areas to the exclusion of others. Let this list challenge you to read more broadly.    

STR's Top 10--Stand to Reason has their top 10 blog posts of 2011.  There is some good reading here. 

Theology of the Reformers--biblicaltraining.org has a free online course available, "Theology of the Reformers", which looks interesting. Several of their other programs also appear interesting.

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