28 December 2011

Daily Morsels-December 28, 2011

3650 Challenge--I have talked a couple of times about this already, but I want to put in a final (maybe) plug for this.  Tim Challies has started a Facebook group based on Grant Horner's reading system, the approach I have used for the last 2+ years. Here he shares some resources.  So far, the Facebook group has been active.  I pray it still is at this time next year.  

Why all the Bible reading?--Dan Phillips has a great post on more of the "why"s of reading the Bible and how to get it done. I tend to harp on this because I believe it is important for all believers to meditate on God's word. In John 8, Jesus tells his disciples, "if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples." You cannot abide if you don't know what it says. You cannot know what it says if you are not taking it in some way. He concludes this way, "You've got a good theory. Now do it. Pick a plan. Any plan is better than no plan. Play to your strength. If you're a morning person, read it first thing (this is what I found decades ago to be my path). If not, do it in the evening or midday. There is no law for a time to pick; but there is a law to do it. Pick a plan, pick a time, and do it. Be at it. Do what works. Don't scale the Alps in one day, but do set foot on the slope; and then another, and then another, and then another."

Awkward Accountability--Traylor Lovvorn is dead on as he writes for Covenant Eyes. Christian accountability groups are often uncomfortable. They often feel contrived. Why? Because "true accountability is a by-product of genuine, transparent community and was never intended to be 'stand-alone.'" I have two guys whom I love and who love me.  We speak into each others lives.  We've been doing it over 2 years.  It took a while to get to that genuineness and we keep growing.  

Take 30 minutes and write it--Here is an interesting idea from Mark Altrogge.  He suggests taking a half-hour and writing down what you can remember happening over the past year.

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