06 December 2011

Daily Morsels--December 6, 2011

Too Cool for Christmas--I love Christmas and Christmas music. I love it. I have 338 Christmas songs on my ipod. O Holy Night can bring me to tears. This post from Tim Kimberly is right on. He identifies many ways believers downplay Christmas.  Although I agree with all of them, I definitely appreciate his point about "too Christian for Christmas." He writes, "We’ll also start hating Christmas because of Santa Claus. As I’ve been studying the Council of Nicea more this past year I’ve really come to love Saint Nick. I’m actually really thankful for the prominence of Santa Claus during this time of year. Why? Because he’s easily redeemable. Saint Nick loved Jesus so much that he secretly gave gifts to poor kids around him. Any parent can turn that into a teachable moment.

"Saint Nick was also a very passionate follower of Christ. Did you know Santa Claus was at the Council of Nicea? As Arius was trying to get the world to believe that Jesus was a creature, St. Nick firmly believed Him to be the Creator. Santa Claus got so ticked off at the irreverence of Arius, he actually slapped Arius in the face! For 30 days we get to be surrounded by such a great mentor. How can you hate Santa Claus? Make him a teachable moment and it’ll be 30 days of excellent Christology."

Read more broadly--I have been trying to vary my reading diet, but admittedly, I would much rather read Christian living/theology books of a Calvinist persuasion. But I have been pushing myself. Aaron Armstrong has good advice on reading more widely.

Blessed self-forgetfulness--Tullian Tchvidjian writing about "blessed self forgetfulness."  He writes, "This is the point: When we stop narcissistically focusing on our need to get better, that is what it means to get better. When we stop obsessing over our need to improve, that is what it means to improve!"

Women, don't submit--Russell Moore has a thought provoking post encouraging women to stop submitting to men. It isn't what you think.  He isn't abandoning the biblical mandate, rather he seems to be diving into it more deeply. He writes, "Too often in our culture, women and girls are pressured to submit to men, as a category. This is the reason so many women, even feminist women, are consumed with what men, in general, think of them. This is the reason a woman’s value in our society, too often, is defined in terms of sexual attractiveness and availability. Is it any wonder that so many of our girls and women are destroyed by a predatory patriarchy that demeans the dignity and glory of what it means to be a woman?

"Submitting to men in general renders it impossible to submit to one’s 'own husband.' Submission to one’s husband means faithfulness to him, and to him alone, which means saying 'no' to other suitors." 

I wish young women would read this and internalize this. I also wish young men would respect young women in the way in which they don't exploit their sexuality. 

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