10 January 2012

Daily Morsels-January 10, 2012

Eugenics for a new day--Amy Hall has an essay about the advancement of eugenics, the failed field of social Darwinism. She writes, "The lesson that should have been learned in the first round of eugenics was not merely that people's liberty to create offspring shouldn't be violated, but also that the idea itself of a designer society is repulsive and unnatural, an affront to humanity. It teaches you not to view children as separate, distinct human beings placed under your care for a time (and valuable apart from you), but instead turns them into interchangeable accessories to be rummaged through, then bought and sold, according to whatever outfit you're seeking to match."  Gattica anyone?

For Brad and Pam--This link has tons of deals on Kindle books.  I am posting it for my friends Brad and Pam.  If you, coincidentally, have a Kindle, you may wish to try some of these too.  (Let me particularly plug Sproul's 1 & 2 Peter commentary). 

Can we stop being weird about Tebow?--Stephen Altrogge is right on when he asks this question. Can we stop being weird about him? Yes, he threw for 316 yards. Excellent, but it is likely coincidence. Altrogge writes, "saying that passing for 316 yards is a sign from God makes Christians look weird for the wrong reasons." Right on.   

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