13 January 2012

Daily Morsels--January 13

 What is Song of Solomon about?--Seemingly, if you were to ask many of the modern celebrity pastors, Song of Solomon is really just 2500 year old pornography.  It hasn't always been viewed that way.  Peter Leithart, writing at First Things, addresses the question of the Song as allegory.  He writes, "The Song helps us relearn what nearly every civilization before ours already knew: Sex is allegory, and as allegory it is metaphysics and theology and cosmology. For Christians, sexual difference and union is a type of Christ and the church: How could an erotic poem (and in the Bible!) be anything but allegory? From the Song we relearn that poetic metaphor does not add meaning to what is itself mere chemistry and physics. Nor is erotic poetry a euphemistic cover for Victorian embarrassment. Poetry elucidates the human truth of human sexuality, and it seems uniquely capable of doing so. Only as allegory does the Song have anything to teach us about sex. Only as allegory can the Song play its central role in healing our sexual imaginations."  Read the whole thing. 

Gospel-centered groups--Over at the Resurgence, they are addressing the question of gospel-centered groups.  The author had asked one man why he found his small group draining and what it would look like to be life giving. He  "painted a gripping picture of a Christ-centered community. When I asked him why he didn’t lead his group to that picture, he replied that he didn’t know he could."

Choosing a major--Gene Veith writes about the tendency to tell people to choose practical majors. I admit, I have fallen into that camp. With that said, here is an interesting perspective on why we may not wish to go that route.   

Jesus>religion--I have seen this video, entitled Jesus>religion, show up about 100 times on Facebook, though I would bet that most people haven't shared it with their unbelieving friends (watch the video, this statement will make more sense).  Several blogs I follow have also heralded this video.  First, let me say I think this is a great video.  The poet talks about justification and God's love for us.  I love the poetry and I love the message.  The message is excellent, and important. I admit, though, I initially hesitated to watch the video because I don't want to hear one more "religion sucks" message.  I don't want to hear another, "see we Christians are cool too, not like those other guys" message.  Christians are different.  Also, we must not forget that Christianity is a religion.  I hope this article by Greg Koukl will shed some more light on this theme.  Watch the video. Be edified by it. But know that words matter and we must consider whether we actually mean what we are saying.

Perhaps Jesus>legalism would have been a more accurate title, but probably not quite as well received.

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