18 January 2012

Daily Morsels-January 18, 2012

Christianity Today comes out against spanking--This magazine, long known as the flagship publication for evangelicalism has come out against spanking. They are not on the fence. They flatly oppose it.  As David and Tim Bayly wrote on their blog, "the editors of CT directly contradict God."  Christianity Today has endorsed William Webb's "Trajectory Hermeneutic", which Denny Burk points out, "a way of interpreting the Bible that says modern readers sometimes need to move beyond the ethical instruction of scripture to an ethic that supercedes it." To my mind, Webb and CT have abandoned a truly biblical hermeneutic in favor modern psychology and pleasing the masses. I was talking with one of my pastors who said something to this effect: "what is a trajectory hermeneutic? Are we to assume that Christians before us were wrong in how they interpreted the Bible?"  CT's statement is unfortunate because it abandons clear biblical teaching, yet will have wide ranging influence.  I would commend to you Denny Burk's critique as well as the Bayly's more strongly worded critique. I agree with the Bayly's that I have had some substantial concerns with what I have read of the Pearl's methods, but I think CT is even more off base. 

An actual pro-life conversation--Sam Crabtree relates a story of talking with a pro-abortion demonstrator.  This sentence will give you a flavor, but please read the whole thing.  "what do you say to the person who has that information and knows that the number of woman inured by coat hanger abortions is less than one percent of the women who have been injured by legal abortions?"

I am the Pharisee--Zach Nielsen wrote today about being a Pharisee. Last summer, when I taught on legalism versus liberty, I identified this very same issue in my own life. I resonate deeply with what Zach is identifying here--the feeling of being a Pharisee. 

7 tips for talking to your neighbors--Talking to others about Jesus is often difficult for me.  These tips are helpful.

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