05 January 2012

Daily Morsels-January 5, 2012

Piper's Joyful Calvinism--This essay touches on why I love John Piper and, I think, I like Calvinism.  God, and how he is revealed through his word ignite his passions. He writes, "We happy Calvinists don’t claim to get the heavens into our heads. We try to get our heads into the heavens. We don’t claim comprehensive answers to revealed paradoxes. We believe. We try to understand. And we break out into song and poetry again and again."  

More cheap e-books-- If you use a kindle, or other e-reader, you can pick up some pretty good deals.  The Crossway sale is excellent (they're my favorite publisher). In this list, the book by Josh Moody is a pretty good overview of Galatians. I reviewed it briefly here

Hitler and evolutionary ethics, part 3--Here is the third and final installment of Richard Weikhart's analysis of Hitler and evolutionary ethics. 

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