02 January 2012

A few days ago, I received A.W. Pink's The Sovereignty of God (1918) as a Christmas gift from my mother. I recently read somewhere that this classic work remains  one of the best defenses of Calvinism. Indeed, Pink is mostly a strong thinker, grounding himself consistently in Scripture. A frustration I have encountered when talking with people on either side of this issue is that they base their positions on what others have said or what they believe makes the most sense emotionally or logically. Pink rightly encourages Christians to read verses in context, which often lends a great deal of clarity regarding the extent of God's sovereign will. 

There are times when I think he casts some arguments out of hand without considering them carefully enough.  The difficulties and objections chapter, for example, could provide a more robust detailed defense of his position. I still think that R.C Sproul's Chosen by God remains a better read regarding God's sovereignty for most readers, but Pink's work is a classic for God reason. 3 stars. 

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