10 October 2013

Daily Morsels--October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad.

The Darwinist's Dilemma--Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about the science's predilection for supressing or ridiculing theories that conflict with the mainstream, which seems antithetical to science. Quite fortuitously, I came across a piece written by James Barham in 2011 that gets to this issue a bit. He writes, "The absurdity of a state-enforced scientific doctrine is a scandal that scientists ought to be the first to protest. We are talking about science, for goodness’ sake—that most corrigible of all fallible human endeavors! Scientific ideas change—and generally improve—over time. On the Origin of Species was not inscribed on stone tablets and Charles Darwin was not Moses. And yet, when Kitzmiller quashed all discussion of the many problems with natural selection in the public schools, presumably for all time to come, the professional Darwin lobby congratulated itself on a great victory."

Five Characteristics of Legalism--Michael Patton expands on these 5 characteristics
  •  Excels only in the visible aspects of righteousness.
  • Focuses on the easier commands of God.
  • Follows by the letter of the law.
  • Neglects the more important morals.
  • Have a distorted view of others due to their legalism.
Pornography changes the brain--I have been writing a lot about porn recently. It is a huge problem. This article from yesterday at the Desiring God blog explores the neurologic substrates. Citing an article from Morgan Bennett: "Neurological research has revealed that the effect of internet pornography on the human brain is just as potent — if not more so — than addictive chemical substances such as cocaine or heroin."

Pornography is physiologically and emotionally addictive, but with the power of the Holy Spirit, it can be overcome.

I would encourage you to read the whole thing.

Here is a 7 minute highlight clip from the AACC world conference. This may have been the best one I have attended so far.

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