11 October 2013

Daily Morsels-October 11, 2013

The Romans Invented Jesus?--I wouldn't even post something like this normally, but I was asked about it yesterday and then this came through my newsfeed today. Every year, some new controversy about Jesus pops up (interestingly right before Christmas) that is quickly disproven by reputable scholars. Unfortunately, these folks get good airtime because the History Channel and Newsweek love to write about apparent controversy if it has to do with Jesus.

Tim Kimberly writes, "All-in-all I consider Joseph Atwill (the developer of this new theory) to fall into the 'What If?' camp. This is a camp of people who believe one 'What If?' statement without any concrete historically reliable evidence can carry the same weight of tons of historically reliable orthodox evidence. It would be like me saying the entire existence of the world is actually a dream I am currently having. JFK never lived. JFK only lived as a subpart of my dream where I conceived of a president of a country that was assassinated."

Tullian was on Morning Joe this morning--Tullian was on TV this morning talking about his book Inexhaustible Grace. It was a good interview though I really wanted to see more about how the grace comes only through the person of Jesus.

Sanctification and Anxiety--I listen to a lot of sermons. Some good, some not as good.  This one from pastor Matt Chandler this week was really stellar. It deals with anxiety and the belief or fear that God is not good.

Sanctification: Examining Fear and Anxiety from The Village Church on Vimeo.

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