15 October 2013

Daily Morsels-October 15, 2013

Get Reading--HuffPo lists 7 unconventional reasons to read.  Basically, it is helpful from a cognitive, emotional, social, and psychological perspectives.  Get on it.   (HT: Z)

I Hate Porn--Excellent essay by Eric Simmons over at Desiring God about why he hates porn. He provides several reasons, but I think one of the best is that "I hate porn because it exploits women made in the image of God into an image made for a man’s lust." Too right.

The Devil Doesn't Have All the Good Music--A few decades, Christian singer Larry Norman wrote a song called "Why should the devil have all the good music."  Here's the thing--he doesn't. most of the greatest music in history was written to the glory of God. Handel and Bach to mention a few.  I saw this song on 22 Words the other day and I couldn't read what the title was so I looked it up. I wasn't surprised that it is a hymn which means, "Hear, Heavenly Creator."

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