21 October 2013

Daily Morsels--October 21, 2013

I didn't post one of these over the last few days because there just wasn't that much interesting, at least in the places I tend to look.

How to Read a Christian Book--Jean Williams shares 11 ways that may help with your retention of what you read.  I particularly agree with "writing in your books"  

Is grace the answer to licentiousness?--Tullian Tchvidjian responds to recent criticisms that he promotes too much grace to a licentious culture. Reflecting on the cultural changes in the church, he writes, "With this shift came a renewed focus on the internal life of the individual. The subjective question, 'How am I doing?' became a more dominant feature than the objective question, 'What did Jesus do?' As a result, generations of Christians were taught that Christianity was primarily a life-style; that the essence of our faith centered on 'how to live'; that real Christianity was demonstrated in the moral change that took place inside those who had a 'personal relationship with Jesus.' Our ongoing performance for Jesus, therefore, not Jesus’ finished performance for us, became the focus of sermons, books, and conferences. What I need to do and who I need to become, became the end game."

I love this--A version of the cup song in Gaelic

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