26 October 2013

Daily Morsels--October 26, 2013

Initiating and declining sex in marriage--Brad Hambrick has an excellent article for how to lovingly initiate sex and decline sex in marriage. He writes, "For many married couples initiating sex can be an awkward moment that leads to conflict or hurt feelings. They’re not sure what to say. They fear being rejected. They want sex to be “special” but most of the moments they’re both home together are “normal.” They don’t want to seem demanding. They want their spouse to “just know.” They don’t want to interrupt and their spouse is always doing something else. They’ve tried and been told their attempt was crude or unclear." See his suggestions here

Can they act like men?--Last week, John MacArthur held a conference called Strange Fire. The focus was on the charismatic movement and MacArthur's belief that "sign gifts" stopped with the closing of the canon. Mark Driscoll, who was in town for another conference (Act Like Men) showed up at Strange Fire and began handing out books, signing books, and praying with people. This led to an awkward back and forth. A video was posted that looks like it made Driscoll look like a liar, but he indicated that only the pieces of the video that cast him in that light were posted. Someone is being deceptive. The bigger issue, however, is that these two men of God are having a very public disagreement that makes the church look bad.  Driscoll has invited to MacArthur to the Resurgence conference to talk about these issues. I would love to see them meet and talk through this stuff as men.  

More lives destroyed--Jason Helopolous wrote about 4 men whose lives and ministries were wrecked recently by sexual immorality.  Church, we've got to address this issue!

5 questions to ask before posting online--1. Ask yourself: If my mother, pastor, spouse, children were to read this, would they be ashamed of me?, 2. Ask yourself: Where is this coming from?, 3. Ask yourself: Have I practiced a judgment of charity toward the person I am writing about/responding to? 4. Ask yourself: Am I seeking to serve Jesus with this post, or am I seeking my own?, 5. Ask yourself: Am I casting pearls before swine?

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