31 October 2013

Daily Morsels--Reformation Day, 2013

Coffee and Christoplatonism--Randy Alcorn addresses the question about whether their will be coffee in the new earth. I like his answer.

What is Romans 1-8?--Dane Ortlund shares several insights into Romans 1-8.  This post is, in a word, beautiful.  For example, "Romans 1–8 is God’s answer to what he does to the bride whom he marries and finds out she’s been cheating on him with other lovers since their honeymoon—he pursues her anyway, and doesn’t stop, eventually laying down his life for her."

What are indulgences?--My friend Glenn Sunshine wrote a long essay on the genesis of the Reformation and Martin Luther's speaking out against indulgences.  This is a good read. 
What about Hell?--I had a brief discussion about Hell with a friend of mine yesterday. I remembered this post from Mark Driscoll from a couple of years ago that I think is pretty good in its explanation. 

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