29 January 2014

Are you feeling weary or downtrodden? May this video be an encouragement

As Heather and I continue to walk the road to bring our kids home from Haiti, this video was a real encouragement to me this morning. If you are feeling depressed, worn out, or are generally looking for encouragement, may this video encourage you too.

I looked towards the wintering trees
To hush my fretful soul
as they rise to face the icy sky, they hold fast beneath the snow
and their rings grow wide, their roots go deep that they might hold their height
and stand like valiant soldiers through the watches of the night.

And no human shoulder ever bears the weight of all the world
but hearts can sink beneath the ache of trouble's sudden surge
Yet far beyond all knowing
there's a strong unsleeping light
that reaches around to hold me through the watches of the night

And I have cried upon the steps that seemed too steep for me to climb
And I have prayed against the burden I did not want to be mine
But here I am, and this is where You're calling me to fight
And You, I will remember through the watches of the night
You, I will remember through the watches of the night

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