02 June 2015

My teachings: A repository

Occasionally, I am asked about teachings I have done in the past and I decided to catalog them on my blog as an easy way to point people to them. The list below includes audio from Cedarcreek, the Edge, WWIB, and HBO.

Sunday School Revisted: Gideon--July 21
Sunday School Revisited: the 10 Commandments--July 9
Sunday School Revisited: Noah-June 11
Hosea: Endure-May 21
Hosea: Focus-May 14
Hosea: Obey-May 7
Easter Sunday: The Year of the Lord's Favor-April 16
Tough Topics: Made this way--Gender and Sexuality-March 26
Tough Topics: Don't Judge Me! Hell and Judgment-March 19
A Letter from God-January 1

Church: What is it?-October 2
A Time for Everything: Tearing and Mending-August 14
Crabb Conversations: Our Final Conversation (WWIB)-August 8
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 20-21 (WWIB)-July 18
A Time for Everything: Weeping and Laughing--July 3
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 18 & 19 (WWIB)-June 20
A Time for Everything: Planting and Plucking Up--June 12
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 17 (WWIB)-May 9
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 14-16 (WWIB)-April 11
Jesus Creed: Love Others--April 10 
Jesus Creed: Love God--April 3
Thoughts on Trump (WWIB)--March 14
Parenting Girls--March 6
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 12-13 (WWIB)-February 8
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams Chapter 10-11 (WWIB)-January 11


Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 8-9 (WWIB)-December 14
Mary's Story--December 13

Created to Relate-November 29
Trinitarian Relating-November 22
Making Sense of Senescence (Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute)--November 12
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 5-7 (WWIB)-November 9
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapters 3 & 4 (WWIB)-October 12
A Few of Our Favorite Psalms-Psalm 130-September 21
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams-chapter 2 (WWIB)-September 14
Crabb Conversations: Shattered Dreams (WWIB)-August 10
Fruit Salad: Gentleness-July 19th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB)-July 13th
Fruit Salad: Faithfulness-July 12th
Listen in: Building Faith and Friendship (WWIB)-June 8th
Fruit Salad: Love-May 31st
Crabb Conversations: Power of the Gospel (WWIB)-May 11th
Luke--a Careful Account: Responding to the Elder Brother-May 3rd
Crabb Conversations: with Larry himself! (WWIB)-April 13th
Luke--A Careful Account: Triumphal Entry-March 29th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out(WWIB)-March 9th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB)-February 9th
Five Year Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake (WWIB)-January 12th

Crabb Conversations: Inside Out  (WWIB) -December 8th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out  (WWIB)-November 10th
Redeeming Emotion: Joy-October 26th
Redeeming Emotion: Sorrow-October 19th
Crabb Conversations: Inside Out (WWIB) -October 13th
Redeeming Emotion: Fear-October 12th
Redeeming Emotion: Anger-October 5th
Saints, Scoundrels, and Sinners: Esther-June 15th
Saints, Scoundrels, and Sinners: Solomon-June 8th
Deny Yourself 3(Edge)-March 13th
Deny Yourself 2 (Edge)-March 6th
Clothed in Righteousness-March 2nd
Deny Yourself 1 (Edge)-February 27th

Longing and Belonging-October 27th
Love Rejoices in the Truth-July 28th
Love is Patient-June 9th
Overcoming Shame-April 7th

Santa Claus is Coming to Town-December 9th
Transformational Church: Relational Intentionality-October 7th
Judges: Levite and His Concubine-August 26th
Judges: Gideon Part 2-July 2nd
Judges: Gideon Part 1-June 24th
Mutual Protection-April 29th

Antique Words: Legalism vs Liberty-April 28th
Antique Words: Atonement-July 3rd
Psalm 51-March 27th

The Memory Loss Tapes (HBO)

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