06 February 2014

Book Review--Dear Friend: Letters to Christian Ambassadors

I received this short book from Stand To Reason for supporting their ministry, which you should do too.  Dear Friend: Letters to Christian Ambassadors, is a series of short letters penned by Greg Koukl, who is the president of Stand To Reason.  In the introduction, he wrote, "So as a kind of spiritual father, I am always looking for new ways to help you shine for those who only know about Christ through you. I know yours is a weighty responsibility, but in the enclosed letters I offer some ideas that might help."  This book includes 32 short letters covering a wide variety of topics relevant to the issue of being an ambassador for Christ.  Koukl ranges from very practical, technique focused suggestions to issues of character.  He, and Stand to Reason, are committed to the development of complete Christians and this book serves as one evidence of that commitment. 

For me personally, as someone who has come to know and love the ministry of Stand to Reason in general and Greg Koukl in particular, I am very fond of this short volume. There were some familiar stories to me and some I had not heard before. In every case though, I could seemingly hear Greg's voice as I read.  He is a fantastic teacher and that comes through in this book

If you are unfamiliar with Stand To Reason, let me strongly encourage you to check out their website, but also recommend to you this book.  If you are engaging others on a regular basis, this book may be one tool to help you "bloom where you are planted." 

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