13 April 2015

Crabb Conversation-April 2015

Every month, Mark Halvorsen and I talk about the work of Dr. Larry Crabb, a man who has profoundly affected each of our lives on our show Crabb Conversations. This month, we had the pleasure of having Larry join us.

Here are just a few tidbits from the conversation.
  • Where there is pretense, there is no spiritual growth.
  • The center of the gospel is to look bad in the presence of love. 
  • We long for someone to see us at our worst and still be wanted.
  • What does it mean to learn to dance with the Trinity?
  • My greatest calling is not for someone else to see me at my worst and love me, but for me to see them at their worst and love them.
  • Final reality is passionate, not propositional.
  • When you deny the Trinity, all God is reduced to is power, not love. 
  • I continue to be someone who is in desperate need of grace.
  • The happiness of Jesus is putting divine love on display in any circumstance.
  • I'm on a mission from God to put the character of Jesus on display in all circumstances.
You can listen to the podcast HERE

If you are interested in watching Larry's Soul Care course, you can find it HERE for free.

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