28 July 2015

Book Review: Love Does

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Mark placed Bob Goff's Love Does (2012, Thomas Nelson) in my hands, telling me he thought I would really enjoy it. He was right. I wasn't disappointed.

I read a lot of books and I enjoy many of them. A select few I would even describe as amazing. Every once in a while, I read a book and think, "if I ever write a book, that is the kind of book I want to write."  Love Does is one those books, a book where real life meets humor and wisdom and a deep love for God and others.

Essentially, Love Does contains a series of short narratives from Goff's life that he routinely connects to the love of Christ and the Christian faith. Through the 31 chapters, he writes about things like treating a flesh wound with bubble gum and Scope mouthwash, courting his wife with peanut butter sandwiches, and hitchhiking with Satan, I would share more than teasers with you, but I really want you to read this book.

If I had to boil down the book to one word, it would be "whimsy", a word repeatedly used by Goff throughout the book. You see, Goff wants his readers to see that Christians can be fun-loving, joyous, and playful.  He encourages us to live in the moment with reckless love toward others and to worship from the top of a mountain or perhaps while riding a skateboard in a business suit.

I don't know that Goff and I would agree on everything. In reality, there is no one I would agree with fully. What I do suspect is that I would enjoy spending time with him. I think you will too.

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