08 May 2016

To all of the women I've ever loved--A Mother's Day Reflection

Mother's day is a time to remember
a heart poured out,
a life lived for others
in service and nurturance.

This morning I was graced to visit with my mom
a woman of perseverance
     and beauty
          and strength.

Mom, I love you
and I love the way you love me
but also the way I see you love others.

Although I have but one mom
today reminds me also of the feminine beauty
I see in so many of you,
a beauty that is open and inviting
welcoming and nourishing.

So, to all of the women I have ever truly loved
or rather who have truly loved me
     selflessly and graciously
whether you are 7 or 97
     whether you have children, will have children,
          have lost children, or will never have them:

I am so grateful for the ways in which
you have shown me the invitational beauty
and sustaining love of God.

My deepest appreciation and, to all of you,
a most sincere Happy Mother's Day

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