15 June 2016

Ortberg on Reviewing the Day with God

I found this gem in John Ortberg's excellent book The Life You've Always Wanted

Reviewing the Day with God
  1. [At the end of the day] Be still for a moment and quiet your mind. 
  2. Acknowledge that Jesus is present. Invite him to teach you.
  3. Go back in your mind to when you first woke up. Watch that scene, as if on video. This may lead you to pray for patience, greater love, courage, forgiveness, or other virtues. 
  4. Continue through the day, going from scene to scene. As you reflect on them, some scenes may fill you with gratitude, others with regret. Speak directly to the Lord about this. You may also be led to pray for some people you were interacting with during the day. 
  5. End with a prayer of thanksgiving for God's mercy and love. Ask him to refresh you as you sleep.

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