01 September 2016

should I wonder any less?

Eight legs upon the web
weaving in unison
I watch in awe that God would allow such precision
Then I button my shirt
fingers dancing together upon the fabric
          should I wonder any less?

Storms rage
Winds blow
The power of God in whirlwind
Then I sneeze
such force from within
          should I wonder any less?

Squirrel dancing upon the wire
twitching tail for balance
God's meticulousness in this frolic
Then I walk
Feet and eyes and ears and neurons cooperating
          should I wonder any less?

Sunflowers looking to the heavens in praise
Sunset genuflect
The created worshiping Creator
Then I write
   and speak
      and sing
         and dance
            and breathe
all things in worship of my King.

should I wonder any less? 

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