08 June 2017

Forest guide

Wandering the dark forest trail
     my children venture out alone
          dangers, seen and unseen
               are ever-present.
                    Temptations present
                         at every bend.
                 Guideless, they try to make their way.
           Is it any wonder
       if they become lost
    or ensnared?
          Yet I hold the map
                and I have the light.
                      They have watched me study it
                                every day.
                  What good will I be to them
         if I don't enter their journey
    and teach them to read
          and know the map
                as they walk the dark path?
                       May God grant me courage
                             to enter dark places
                                   the wisdom to know the snares
                                         and the dependence on the Spirit
                                                 to bring us safely home.

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