18 August 2017

Book Review: The Christian Book of Mystical Verse

A.W. Tozer is a compelling writer, whose books have deeply affected Christians for decades, so I was glad to see The Christian Book of Mystical Verse: A Collection of Poems, Hymns, and Prayers for devotional reading (Moody, 1963). However, it would be unfair to say that this Tozer's book as much as it is a book of his influences. He wrote a 4 page introduction, but the remainder of the book is poetic verse collected under several headings: adoration of the godhead, devotional meditations on the cross, penitential reflections on our sins, rejoicing in forgiveness and justification, yearning for purity of heart, aspirations after God, delighting in God's presence, the rapture of divine love, the rest of faith, the spiritual warfare, victory through praise, the prayer of quiet, the bliss of communion, joyous anticipation of Christ's return, and immortality and the world to come. I found some familiar favorites, such as Isaac Watts, but also some people I was not familiar with, perhaps most notably Frederick William Faber (1814-1863).

All in all, this is a welcome collection. Poets have a way of lifting our eyes higher than simple prose and that goal is certainly accomplished in this book. More Christians would benefit from reading poetry and poetic prayers, such as in the excellent Valley of Vision. This collection by Tozer is a most welcome addition.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Moody Publishers. I was not required to share a positive review. These impressions are my own. 

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