18 January 2010

Green Worship-insights from House

I enjoy House MD. Despite House's irreverence and specialists working well outside their specialties, the medical mysteries are often enjoyable to consider (right now, I hear them discussing Alien Hand Syndrome behind me). I have also found that they have dealt with moral and faith issues with a modicum of respect, unlike much of Hollywood. Recently, I was watching an episode from season 5 entitled "Saviors." The story line is that there is an environmental extremist who worships the environment. Watch the video below; you will find that there is a sign that reads "What Would Nature Do?"

This was recently addressed by Al Mohler, who wrote a piece entitled "Thinking Green-The New Religion." He discusses the work of Stephen Asma who wrote Green Guilt, a book about how moderns have taken up the banner of environmentalism complete with all of the traditional behaviors and orthodoxy characteristic of traditional religions.

God created in us a heart for worship, though from Old Testament times through the present, there is abundant evidence that people worship the created rather than the creator. God teach us that our true object of worship is You and You alone.

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