31 October 2011

Review: Ambassador Basic Curriculum-Greg Koukl

Over the past two days, I have reviewed two different apologetics training resources--the first from Ravi Zacharias and the second from Tim Keller.  Today, we move on to the Ambassador Basic Curriculum by my favorite apologist, Greg Koukl. Koukl seems to connect much better with the everyday Christian, but does not sacrifice intellectual sophistication.  I don't want to disparage the man (indeed this is meant as a compliment), but I would consider him a blue-collar apologist.  He is very good at taking the ivory tower arguments and ideas and bringing them to the populous.  He produced a series of 15 audio CDs that build upon one another.  The first five are foundational, the second five build on the first, and the final five address specific apologetic issues.  The topics are as follows:
  1. Ambassadors for Christ: The Essential Skills
  2. Truth is Not Ice Cream, Faith is Not Wishing
  3. The Bible: Has God Spoken?
  4. Tactics in Defending the Faith (2 CDs)
  5. Never Read a Bible Verse
  6. How to Keep from Being Spiritually Weird
  7. Decision Making and the Will of God (3 CDs)
  8. Why I'm Not an Evolutionist
  9. The Bankruptcy of Moral Relativism
  10. Abortion: Only One Question
  11. Setting the Record Straight: The Bible and Homosexuality
  12. Any Old God Won't Do
 This is my favorite collection.  You can listen to it in the car, a distinct advantage over the DVD collections.  He also addresses issues in an understandable, but wise manner.  I have listened to many of these CDs three or four times because I find them so valuable.  Another advantage, if you are interested, is that they offer online testing, if you wish, to prove your learning.  I highly recommend this series.

Summary: If you want a great all around apologetics training course that won't break the bank but will help you to learn more about becoming an ambassador for Christ, this is a great way to go. 

Although not a video series, this will give you a flavor for Greg.

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