01 November 2011

Review: Defending Your Faith-RC Sproul

As a reminder, I have been reviewing apologetics training courses over the past several days.  Today, I want to review the lecture series, Defending the Faith, put out by RC Sproul, one of the elder statesmen of Reformed theology and the head of Ligonier Ministries. Dr Sproul is well trained as a philosopher and theologian and is a wonderful apologist.  I picked up this series on a $5 Fridays deal about a year ago.  It was well worth that price.  There are 32 lectures, as follows:
  1. Introduction
  2. Why Apologetics
  3. Pre-Evangelism
  4. Four Steps Backward
  5. Law of Contradiction
  6. Law of Causality
  7. Reliability of Sense Perception
  8. Analogical Language (2 lectures)
  9. Contradiction and Paradox
  10. Mystery
  11. Natural Theology (2 lectures)
  12. Aquinas vs. Kant
  13. The Case for God
  14. Four Possibilities
  15. The Illusion of Descartes
  16. Self-Creation (2 lectures)
  17. Self-Existence
  18. Necessary Being
  19. God of the Bible vs God of Philosophy
  20. Kant's Moral Argument
  21. Vanity of Vanity
  22. The Psychology of Atheism
  23. The Bible and Apologetics (5 parts)
  24. The Deity of Christ
  25. Questions and Answers 
 Sproul's philosophical training is evident in his selection of topics and his logical presentation of the material.  However, it is also evident that he is first and foremonst a biblically committed pastor-theologian.  His wisdom and knowledge is enhanced by his wonderful sense of humor.  This series has the advantage that you can also watch or listen, depending on your preference.  I listened to it as I drove to work and will probably work through it again when I am done with the Biola Course (watch for it tomorrow).

Summary:  Sproul is an excellent teacher.  This is a fairly comprehensive, though philosophically slanted, approach to apologetics training.  It is worth the money, especially if you get it for 5 bucks.  

You can watch the first lecture for free:


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