24 March 2014

Book Review: The Gift of Being Yourself

The Gift of Being Yourself (2004) by David Benner is a useful little book for those interested in understanding themselves. Benner is a professor of psychology and spirituality who is interested in understanding more than just behavioral change. In this book, he explores John Calvin's dual maxim that as Christians we must come to know God and come to know ourselves. Although this book dedicates a chapter to the former as a necessary requisite for the latter, the majority of the book is committed to helping the reader explore issues of self understanding, which is best accomplished by knowing how we relate to God. In particular, there is a clear call to knowing yourself as one deeply loved by God. Once you realize yourself as one deeply loved, you can then begin to explore your true self--not the self you want others to see--but who you truly are.  This book provides some practical ways to begin this journey. It is readable, engaging, and important.

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